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PLAYGROUND is a festival of independent student work. For one week every year (this year TWO weeks), classes and production work at Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama stop while student directors, designers, actors, technicians, and playwrights collaborate on more than 40 artistic projects.


During a normal year, the festival, now in its eighteenth year, is a week's worth of rehearsals and preparations culminating in a weekend of performances and events staged in and around Carnegie Mellon's Purnell Center for Performing Arts. However, this year, we are faced with the exciting challenge of producing the very first VIRTUAL PLAYGROUND! Students will rehearse and prepare for just under two weeks culminating in FOUR DAYS of performances across several unique digital platforms! 


Projects developed by students for PLAYGROUND have gone on to be produced in other venues across the country including New York, Los Angeles and at various theatre festivals. Students have the unique opportunity to take artistic risks and collaborate both in and out of their chosen disciplines. The empowerment and sense of community that PLAYGROUND creates is exhilarating for everyone who participates or attends. 


PLAYGROUND has always been and continues to be, free and open to the public, the events include dramatic and musical performances, installations, mural projects, and MORE. Audiences have the opportunity to see performances both live-streamed and pre-recorded. Visit the "Performances" tab above for a complete performance schedule. More information on tickets and how to get involved coming soon!



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